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Robert A. Egan is an experienced trial lawyer who practices real estate litigation, business litigation, divorce, and municipal law.
His experience, coupled an his aggressive courtroom style, has been a winning combination during his 40-year practice.

Business LitigationAlthough he is always prepared to go to trial, lawyer Egan has the skills to negotiate for settlement outside of court. As a business litigation attorney, his skills have been especially valuable. Attorney Egan also has a strong background in business management and accounting, which are additional tools he brings to this area of the law.

  • Consumer Fraud
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Dissolving Corporations
  • Dissolving Partnerships

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Real Estate LitigationThe same strengths have served attorney Egan in real estate litigation as well, as he represents plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving everything from deeds to demolition. He works not only with title companies and building owners, but also with tenants, to assist his clients.

  • Titles
  • Deeds
  • Leases
  • Code violations
  • Building demolition

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Municipal LawLawyer Egan also employs his business and real estate litigation skills in the area of municipal law, where he represents franchisors in cases involving licensing, lease agreements, insurance documents, and building code violations. He also works with the in-house counsel of out-of-town franchisors to acquire the necessary licenses for franchisees in the Chicago area.
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DivorceRobert A. Egan represents business people who are ending marriages in divorce. His services in this area involve asset tracing and business valuations. He also helps his clients with post-decree divorce modification.
To arrange an initial appointment in any of these legal areas with attorney Robert A. Egan, please contact him at his office.
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Contract LitigationContract Litigation” with the text “Regardless of the type of contract, Robert Egan will defend and/or litigate leases, employment contracts, and other contractual relationships of parties
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Appellate WorkA trial judge may make a mistake in the court’s decision. These mistakes can only be rectified by an appeal to the Appellate Court.
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