Divorce Attorney

What happens to the business you own if your marriage ends? Does your spouse have rights to the assets of the business? Does it matter whether or not you owned the business before you were married? Does a spouse who never worked in your business have any rights to its assets when you divorce?

With his background in business and real estate litigation, attorney Robert A. Egan is often called upon to answer some of these questions and assist when businesspeople end marriages. If you are a businessperson facing a divorce, contact Mr. Egan for help.

Answering Questions About Divorce

When divorce occurs, it is often necessary to sort through a number of complex issues in order to determine whether or not the value of the business should be shared, either equally or at all, by both parties.

  • Who owns the business?
  • When was it purchased?
  • Did both parties work in the business?
  • What is the current value of the business?
  • Did you earn a salary from the business?
  • Did you pay family bills from business proceeds?

Robert A. Egan can help by providing you with a business valuation and a tracing of its assets. This information, along with examination of your business records, will help the court determine what, if any, share of the business you will have to share with your spouse. Lawyer Egan can advise you about ways to limit your own financial and business risks when you are facing divorce.

Changing and Enforcing the Terms of Divorce

After the terms of a divorce have been determined, there may be circumstances that allow your divorce decree to be modified in your favor. Be sure your spouse is living up to the requirements defined by the divorce. In both cases, Robert A. Egan can help you.

For experienced assistance with divorce and divorce-related issues, contact the office of attorney Robert A. Egan.