Business Litigation

Cook County Business Litigation Attorney

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Robert A. Egan worked in management and accounting in the business world. This experience has been put to good use in his law practice. Attorney Egan has served the Chicago-area business community for more than 30 years, negotiating and litigating solutions in business-related cases.

Business litigation is frequently required when trust, between a business and its customers or among those who own and operate a business, has somehow been lost. Robert A. Egan will help you when your business is affected by the inappropriate activities of partners, employees, customers or vendors:

  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Conflict of interest
  • Theft
  • Loss of business opportunity

If your business is accused of malfeasance and needs to protect itself from attacks by customers, competitors, and others. Mr. Egan is capable of defending your business in a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Consumers who charge you with fraud
  • Other businesses that accuse you of deceptive trade practices
  • Derivative actions brought by other corporations
  • Corporate and partnership dissolution
  • Debtor and Creditor actions
  • Director and Officer liability

Attorney Egan is skilled at presenting and favorably resolving business solutions in court, and has helped hundreds of business clients with legal cases that range from starting and ending joint ventures to tracing funds to transactions and sales.

When your business requires legal defense or when you need to file suit against another business entity, contact attorney Robert A. Egan. His business litigation experience may mean the difference between winning and losing.