Appellate Court Rules In Favor Of Holiday Inn

Mr. Egan has once again reversed a trial court judge with regard to a longstanding battle over an easement.  In 527 S. Clinton, LLC. v. Westloop Equities, LLC., the Courts have struggled with the easement for the Holiday Inn and the adjacent property.  In the most recent Appellate Court decision, Mr. Egan on behalf of the Holiday Inn reversed the trial court’s finding that the adjacent land owner could build a 33-story building over and upon the easement.  In other aspects of the case, Mr. Egan has filed a Petition for Leave to Appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court regarding the trial court’s denial and the Appellate Court’s affirmance of forfeiture of certain easement rights during bankruptcy proceedings.

This case marks a seven year battle between adjacent land owners which has visited the Appellate Court twice and the Illinois Supreme Court twice.

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