Municipal Law attorney

Chicago Municipal Law Attorney

Municipal law attorney Robert A. Egan handles a variety of cases on behalf of business clients who require representation in Chicago metropolitan-area locations. In addition to helping your individual business with municipal licensing issues, he can handle all types of municipal licensing if you are a business licensor or licensee.

Whenever you want to open a business, you need licenses from the city, a valid lease, and insurance protection. Robert A. Egan helps you obtain all the documents you require to meet the city’s legal requirements.

  • Your building must comply with the city’s building and fire codes.
  • If you sell food or alcohol, you must acquire licenses from the city to do so.
  • When you occupy a building that you do not own, you need to acquire a lease.
  • You also need sufficient insurance protection for your business.

At any time, violation of one or more of the city’s regulations may cause your license to be revoked, ending your ability to conduct business. You may also be penalized for violations; attorney Egan will litigate violations and disciplinary actions on your behalf.

In many cases, Chicago-area businesses own franchises from companies that are headquartered outside of Illinois. As a municipal lawyer, Robert A. Egan often assists out-of-state franchisors in acquiring licenses and other legal documents for their licensees in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois.

Municipal law attorney Robert A. Egan can help your business conduct the legal steps required to obtain the documents you need for your business and defend your business against municipal actions. Contact the office of attorney Robert A. Egan for assistance with your business.